BORISWAVE グジに An update – A new YouTube video strikes all those internet culture notes 

The Tories are finally “in the post-irony age of the internet” so says IratePirate on YouTube. I type this as I listen to “lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to” a surprisingly well produced version of the popular YouTube staple -lo fi study music often with ironic themes.

The content has gone down well, as the top YouTube comments make clear. The 1 hour 11 minute video already has 30,000 views and was left to be discovered rather than promoted by traditional channels.

You may have read my previous piece on Boriswave. In the piece I question whether the raft of new vaporwave style campaign advertisements seen via the Conservatives (as shown below) was created by the same person who created semi-viral Rees-Mogg Wave content in 2016. 

However, this Reddit thread below shows that that individual was not involved, as they were surprised to see themselves as a potential source of inspiration. Instead, the content was potentially inspired by older content such as the Rees-Mogg Wave video below but was not created by the same indidivual.

The Conservative’s clearly believe it is worthwhile to try out new types of communications for reaching younger people, even though traditionally this is the demographic that support the Tories least. This ironic turn may be purely to cause a reaction on social media, however the effort put into the style is interesting and suggests a more free-wheeling open spirit within CCHQ, rather than the stuffy traditionalism of the Conservatives 2017 campaign, we have seen the 2019 campaign push the boat out. 

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