Video game advertising – the next frontier

Its 10 years since Obama advertised within games such as Burnout. Political advertisements within games has been sporadic. However recently in 2018 Doug Ford, a politician labelled the Canadian Trump, took out Xbox adverts. It appears that political advertising within games will become normality, given demographics and the importance of the market for advertisers.

Years on from Obama’s use, political advertising within video games is the next great opportunity for political campaigners. From Doug Fords trial of Xbox advertisements to CorbynRun during the 2017 Election, video games require more attention as a campaign medium.

It is important that gamer’s themselves appreciate this new battleground. As video games’ changing models of funding through free play via micro-transactions and advertisement tie-ins, mean that political campaigners will find the opportunities impossible to resist. Think of the 250 million Fortnite players as a base for advertising, they are younger, less likely to vote. Secondarily think of the nature of video games as an advertising medium, engrossing, interactive and fun. While video games commercialisation, captive audience and data marketisation mean corollaries are massive.

Games are now a new frontier of political advertising.

The 2019 EU Elections – British Brexit Balkanization

So here we stand, between a rock and a hard place. With both ardent remainers and hard brexiteers we have seen the political landscape shift enormously underneath us. Within this the Brexit Party have engaged in a very powerful social media campaign, one which has utilised both organic and targeted communications to probe at the burgeoning issues many see within our democracy. On the flip side, we have the Liberal Democrats who with continued detoxification and a solid campaign, have started hoovering up remain orientated Labour and Tory votes.

Brexit Party polls

So what now? Well, we have seen the complete dissolution of two party popularity and the political balkanization of Britain.

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Who will profit? At the moment certainly not the Tories or Labour, but in the long term one can see a real growth in the Green Party, especially given the recent climate protests. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats will continue to profit especially as we enter into a new landscape with a new Prime Minister…

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Theresa May’s hopes dashed as EU targets delay of up to a year – rising discord in the UK

Britain’s membership of the EU could be extended to March 2020 after PM fails to sell her plan in dash to Paris and Berlin.


Donald Tusk.

I feel that given these circumstances – British politics is still on hold, as the public shift away from the two party duopoly. The 2017 General Election appears an outlier.


We have seen a rise in 3rd party votes to the detriment of the two party killing off both parties aspirations for big tents – Britain is akin to 2014/2015 fracturing – a circumstance that I believe led to the Brexit vote in the first place…


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Permanent campaigning and Brexit

The USP of social media as a permanent tool is finally being realised by both Labour and the Tories. Given our hyper-political situation due to Brexit, I expect this Christmas period to be one of a battleground online.

The referendum campaign 2.0 has begun in online terms already…