I have provided expert commentary and analysis for various forms of journalism and public outreach. I have worked on breaking news stories reported in the New York Times, provided analysis for ITV’s Election Night coverage and offered my own expert insight across different media forms across newspapers, TV and radio.

A list follows below, it is broken down by journalism based upon my research, or my commentary used within journalism.

Journalism based upon my research

This story was based upon research I had undertaken into Conservative targeting, you can read it here and here.

Journalism features

  • Social Media and Section 230. BBC World Service. 28th October, 2020.
  • Twitter hacked content policy change. BBC World News. 16th October, 2020.
  • Glastonbury Facebook group anti-vaccine content. BBC Radio Somerset. 1st October 2020.
  • Sky News with Colin Brazier. 17th June, 2020.
My chat on BBC Radio Bristol
  • Report on Facebook advertising – BBC North East and Cumbria. 4th December, 2019.
  • Report on A/B testing. Channel 5 News. November 20th, 2019

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