Social Media Research Centre

The Social Media Research Centre is a research house and social media research consultancy that strives to make digital research better. Founded by Dr. Tristan Hotham in 2021, the SMRC are experts in undertaking digital media research from inception to completion. Visit the website to learn more, or read below to get an idea of what the SMRC does.

The Social Media Research Centre helps people and organisations carry out social media research. We offer consultancy, research services and advice on how to examine and understand social media networks. We are experts in taking social media research from inception to completion. This includes expertise in social media platform data gathering, social network content analysis, audience analysis, data analysis methods, digital research ethics and how to interpret social network data. We also provide communications consultancy so that reports made on social media can make the best impacts. We know how to develop impactful digital research that can lead to national and international coverage, real world change and powerful stakeholder impacts. 

The Social Media Research Centre also develops our own research, examining core areas of the impact of social media on society. Our research includes the analysis of mis- and disinformation, political campaigns, the impacts of digital networks on national and international institutions, and how we communicate with businesses, governments, politicians and each other online. Social media is rapidly changing society and we know very little about what is going on, thus we develop and publish reports of interest that can help people understand these rapid shifts to our lives.

We do two things:​

We examine social networks and develop reports and analyses to help the world understand the impacts of social media

We help others make the most of their social media research

We offer services in research question generation, data gathering, data analysis, report building and dissemination. The Social Media Research Centre knows how to develop digital research that can lead to real world impacts.

The Social Media Research Centre’s areas of expertise includes: social network analysis, political campaigns, social media content analysis, automated text analysis, data gathering of social media data, marketing analysis, engagement data analysis, spatial social network analysis, socio-demographic study of social network users, quantitative analysis of complex social media data, quantitative content analysis, qualitative discourse analysis, focus group study, report building and survey data analysis of social media impacts.


Follow our Twitter, YouTube and Anchor accounts and please get in contact to learn more. We also recently started a podcast called Social Media? Meet Politics. Social media and big tech are changing our politics, the podcast offers insight into the ever changing landscape as social media interrupts and alters how we communicate, organise and behave. You can listen below, or via SpotifyAnchor or Google podcasts.

2021 Dutch Elections – How are the party pages competing on Facebook? Social Media? Meet Politics. A podcast by the Social Media Research Centre.

The Netherlands' 2021 general election is just around the corner. With spending on Facebook advertising very low the campaign is largely going to fall upon the feet of the parties organic Facebook campaigns. Here is how they are all doing. See the article here -
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