Social Media Research Centre

The Social Media Research Centre is a new project. The SMRC develops our own research avenues, examining core areas of impact. We develop and publish reports of interest to governments, media organisations, charities and think tanks. We are experts in taking social media research from inception to completion.

We do two things:​

We examine social networks and develop reports and analyses to help the world understand the impacts of social media

We help others make the most of their social media research

We help others carry out their social network research. We offer consultancy on data gathering, analysis methods, ethics and report building. We also provide political consultancy so that the reports made can make the best impacts. We know how to develop impactful digital research that can lead to real world impacts.

The Social Media Research Centre’s areas of expertise include: social network analysis, political campaigns, social media content analysis, automated text analysis, data gathering of social media data, marketing analysis, engagement data analysis, spatial social network analysis, socio-demographic study of social network users, quantitative analysis of complex social media data, quantitative content analysis, qualitative discourse analysis, focus group study, report building and survey data analysis of social media impacts.

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