My name is Tristan Hotham, I am a researcher, pundit and writer. I research social media and politics, I consult upon digital media’s impact upon the world and how to research social media. I am the Founder of the Social Media Research Centre, a research house and consultancy that seeks to make social media research better.

I am an expert in social media platforms, from TikTok to Facebook and Twitter. I have extensive experience examining social media phenomena including; elections, audiences, interactions, news content, communications flow, engagement, content, party politics and campaigning. I utilise a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to examine the black box of social media.

I have completed an ESRC funded PhD at the University of Bath – my thesis was titled; “How do political parties use Facebook and what does it offer to their campaigns?“. My work examines the Facebook phenomenon and its role as a campaign tool. I question the impact Facebook is having as a campaign tool online, alongside its wider implications for parties campaigning in an era of party change. I also hold two Master’s degrees from the Universities of Bath and Durham, alongside a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Exeter.

I or my work has been featured in media such as the BBC, New York Times, Reuters, Guardian, Evening Standard and The Economist:

I also create videos for the public so also see my YouTube channel, also check out the Social Media Research Centre’s YouTube channel. Please subscribe to my Substack ‘Social Media? Meet Politics’ for all of my writing and research, as well as content designed exclusively for paid subscribers.

Here is a video I have made to introduce myself:

I have also worked as a research consultant for Whotargets.me, which gave me new skills in dissemination and media outreach. My experiences and skills led me to found the Social Media Research Centre, a research house and consultancy focused on making social media research better. We have advised and researched for a growing selection of charities, think tanks and businesses.

I am always looking to collaborate, build new research avenues and engage with stakeholders, so if you know of or have any opportunities, please contact me. My CV is available below, otherwise please visit my LinkedIn profile.

My latest blog posts

Innovation via desperation – Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets are not necessary, nobody on the network was calling for them, and their implementation shows that Twitter has more interest in following the crowd than genuinely innovating. Instead, what we now have is social networks innovating from a position of desperation, focused on ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

I have created a Substack page

I have created a Substack page – it will examine social media and politics. There will be free content as well as bespoke insights published only for paid subscribers. It is all about social media and digital politics.

Two trains slowing to a crawl? Biden and Trump’s Facebook pages – a roundup

Summary Trump has won in the head to head battle between his personal Facebook page and Biden‘s across all engagement metrics. This is seen across total engagement and when averaging engagement to remove Trump’s big advantage from increased levels of posting. Biden has gone backwards compared to Clinton, and Trump is only matching his 2016Continue Reading

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