My name is Tristan Hotham, I am a researcher, consultant and PhD candidate at the University of Bath.

I am an expert in Facebook, Twitter, social media, elections, engagement, content, party politics and campaigning. My specialisms are UK political parties and the use of Facebook. I utilise a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to examine the black box of social media campaigning.

I hold two Master’s degrees from the Universities of Bath and Durham, alongside a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Exeter. I currently work on a ESRC funded PhD at the University of Bath – my thesis is titled; “Examining the impact and effectiveness of Facebook on party campaigns”. My work examines the Facebook phenomenon and its role as a campaign tool. I question the impact Facebook is having as a campaign tool online, alongside its wider offline implications for parties campaigning in an era of party change.

Here is a video I have made to introduce myself:

As well as this I have worked as a research consultant for Whotargets.me, which gave me new skills in dissemination and media outreach. Further, I have founded the Social Media Research Centre a research house and consultancy focused on making social media research better. I also create videos for the public so also see my YouTube channel, also check out the Social Media Research Centre’s YouTube channel.

I or my work has been featured in media such as the BBC, New York Times, Reuters, Guardian, Evening Standard and The Economist:

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