The 2019 EU Elections – British Brexit Balkanization

So here we stand, between a rock and a hard place. With both ardent remainers and hard brexiteers we have seen the political landscape shift enormously underneath us. Within this the Brexit Party have engaged in a very powerful social media campaign, one which has utilised both organic and targeted communications to probe at the burgeoning issues many see within our democracy. On the flip side, we have the Liberal Democrats who with continued detoxification and a solid campaign, have started hoovering up remain orientated Labour and Tory votes.

Brexit Party polls

So what now? Well, we have seen the complete dissolution of two party popularity and the political balkanization of Britain.

Image result for leave and remain land

Who will profit? At the moment certainly not the Tories or Labour, but in the long term one can see a real growth in the Green Party, especially given the recent climate protests. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats will continue to profit especially as we enter into a new landscape with a new Prime Minister…

Image result for boris johnson

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